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Yankees News & Notes: Monday 6/25/2012

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It was strange how some fans seemed to just accept that the Mets were going to win the recently completed three-game series at Citi Field halfway through Saturday's game. Hell, some fans accepted an inevitable sweep and five-game losing streak with R.A. Dickey headed to the mound last night. Fortunately, the Yankees proved that the later innings exist for a reason and rallied to win Saturday's game, then bailed themselves out of a blown 5-1 lead last night to win the series. The 2012 Subway Series ended with the Yankees taking five of six games from the Mets. With the series losing some of its luster and interleague expanding in 2013 from just May and June to season-long, this year might mark the end of the six-game Subway Series that has existed since 1999. I suppose we won't know for sure until the schedules are made for next year though. Good luck with figuring all those interleague logistics, Selig.

  • The past few games were rife with fielding mishaps, and despite the wins, they still made me miss Brett Gardner. Jeff Bradley of the Star Ledger misses him too, and wrote about how the Yankees would not be complete until GGBG returns. The best we can hope for is mid-July, and that's assuming his strained elbow heals properly, which is no guarantee since his past two rehab assignments were cut short.
  • LoHud had some good quotes from the game last night. Highlights: Robinson Cano was pleased that Terry Collins didn't bring a lefty in to face him, and Nick Swisher explained his three-run homer against Dickey with "I just swung hard, dude."
  • Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated and Baseball Prospectus has some groundbreaking news for anyone that complains about the Yankees high home run total by saying "WAHHH IT'S ALL THE SHORT PORCH'S FAULT." Road homers count too, you know.
  • SI also looked at some of the big offseason signings and whether or not teams are getting a proper return on their investments. One of these players was Hiroki Kuroda (tonight's starter against the Indians), and it does indeed look like Hirok's on the upswing after a shaky start. Most importantly:

There’s virtually no such thing as a bad one-year deal, and as he gains comfort, the bet here is that the AL East-leading Yankees won’t regret the money they’ve spent on him.

  • No Maas has the Minor League Players of the Week. This just in: Mason Williams is good. Hope he moves up soon! Also vote in No Maas's poll concerning the likely smear campaign coming to Kevin Youkilis after his departure from Boston.
  • Mark Teixeira analysis? Solution being that he needs to work on his opposite field power? Perhaps not news, but it's worth another reading regardless.
  • The three games against the Yankees might not have brought many wins for the Mets, but perhaps more important to the Wilpons is that Citi Field reached new attendance highs on consecutive nights. Good for them , I suppose.
  • Lastly, please please please please don't be this kind of Yankee fan. I cannot stress this enough. WHY ARE YOU BOOING CC SABATHIA?! Has he not done enough for this team? Sheesh.