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Yankees News and Notes: Chicken $#!t


After waiting through a nearly one-hour rain delay, the Mets wasted no time jumping on Andy Pettitte for five runs in the first inning of last night's Subway Series revival. The Yankees tried to scratch their way back into the game, and even put the tying run on base against Frank Francisco, who earlier in the day referred to the Bronx Bombers as "chickens", but wound up laying an egg as Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira could not come through.

Hitting with runners in scoring position has been a problem for the Yankees that is approaching historic proportions. Meanwhile, in stark contrast, the Mets' have thrived in those situations. That juxtaposition was on display in the first inning when, after the Yankees squandered their first scoring opportunity, the Mets responded with two hits with two outs and runners in scoring position, including a three-run homerun by the resurgent Ike Davis.

The Yankees' defeat gave the team its fifth three game losing streak of the season, the same amount as all of the last year. The three-game slide also represents only the fourth time the team has lost as many games in a row following a winning streak of at least 10.

On Sunday night, the Yankees will get to see R.A. Dickey's mesmerizing knuckleball up-close and personal, so, in preparation, the Yankees Analysts took a closer look through the lens of PITCHf/x.

Eric Chavez has had to endure a lot of pain throughout his major league career, and even now, simply taking the field can be a big effort for the former All Star, who describes his career as being "day-to-day". Although Chavez' dedication is admirable, it does make you wonder whether the Yankees should be counting on him to last the entire season.

Tonight, Ivan Nova will take the mound at CitiField, a ballpark the right hander doesn't seem to like very much. Who can blame him? Around this time last season, while the Yankees were playing the Mets in Queens, Nova was informed of his demotion to the minor leagues.