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New York Yankees News: 6/22/12


- Andruw Jones was supposed to be the other side of the Raul Ibanez coin at DH this season. So far in 2012, Jones has been lost against lefties (.188/.254/.344) and much better against righties (.250/.418/.563), so what gives? His BABIP vs lefties is down to .214 from his career average of .261. Druw's bad luck should turn around before long.

- SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson went to Charleston, SC to interview a few Yankee prospects about actor Bill Murray, the co-owner of the RiverDogs. Tyler Austin, Mason Williams, and Murray going tarp sliding all appear in the video. Austin, by the way, was named yesterday as the Yankee representative at this year's Futures Game in Kansas City.

- The Yankees have come a long way in the past month, mainly going from last place in the AL East to first. Chad Jennings at LoHud looks at a few of the players who have come around, and a few that have cooled off since that point.

- Why can't Hughes put batters away after he gets ahead in the count? That seems to have been the million dollar question for a couple of years now. Joe Pawlikowski at RAB tries to explain, but doesn't come to a lot of conclusions. Maybe this is one of those things that is just always going to be there, like CC's fatness and Curtis Granderson playing too shallow.

- The starting pitching has been pretty awesome lately, but do you think that has stopped the rumors of the Yankees considering trading for a starter that almost certainly isn't any better than what we have? Nope. Sigh.