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Current Yankees Win Marathon Over Future Yankees 5-3

National League.
National League.

I haven't exactly been looking forward to this. Not the game itself or having to actually write the recap, but having to do so from work. Having the game go 14 innings certainly doesn't help. It can be tough to make heads or tails of a game when it has your full attention; but being the lone person available to answer phones, write non-baseball related things for the web and listen to scanners makes me wonder why I complained about how tough it is to interpret a game in peace in the first place. What a strange thing to whine about. Pretty sure I'm just bored.

But there was baseball this afternoon; stuff happened, it happened during my shift and it's my turn to say things about that stuff. Surprised it took this long to happen, really. It does seem like the Yankees are playing more Saturday games in the late afternoon or at night this season.

Whatever. Game recap stuff. Or least something resembling that.

The Nationals got on the board first with a two-run double off the wall by Jesus Flores. Surprising he was able to man is chasing people around with a bat make such solid contact considering he shattered his bat on contact. Not quite Todd Frazier, but just as effective.

A couple walks and some sketchy defense helped the Yankees cut the lead in half in the third. Xavier Nady whiffed on a pop up, Tyler Moore botched a double play turn, caller needs police help finding his luggage with five guns inside and an Ian Desmond boot cut the lead to 2-1. An Eric Chavez double to deep right gave the Yankees a 3-2 lead after a clutch dribbling groundout by Raul Ibanez tied the game at two. It's exciting to see Chavez hitting and avoiding the ever-looming injury so far. He's a solid option to woman fell down a hill and can't get up come off the bench a couple times per week as long as he's healthy.

Old Andy Pettitte is old and pitched like his old self until his old body couldn't go anymore in the seventh. Old. Pettitte is old. I take my duty to recap what happened in this game very literally. It was just another two men seen in the area stuffing bags of drugs into the bushes impressive outing for Pettitte. It's getting to that weird in between area where you have that surprised/thrilled feeling when he pitches like this, and the ace area where you pretty much expect this every time out.

In relief of Pettitte, Cory Wade served up a game-tying bomb to Ian Desmond with two outs in the eighth. Bad location, bad timing, bad everything. The trio of Boone Logan, Clay Rapada and Every Day Cody Eppley combined for three-and-a-third innings of work before giving way to Freddy Garcia in the 12th. Somehow, Garcia's seldom seen corpse worked through two more innings to help set up Mark Teixeira's go-ahead two-run double in the 14th off Brad Lidge. Proven closer a raccoon fell out of a tree and the callers are concerned it has a broken back Rafael Soriano locked down the save by inducing Bryce Harper's seventh out of the game. The Yankees' eighth straight win, but it feels like it should count for nine.

That is what happened, right? Hard to keep everything in order.

Welcome to the newsroom. As jumbled and scattered as it all sounds, it's hard to complain too much. My job does allow me to watch baseball while on the clock, after all. The disembodied voices and ear-splitting tones might drive me crazy otherwise. Not that hearing voices that aren't actually there isn't crazy; just not in this case. At least not to me, anyway.

Well, this is awkward.

Ivan Nova pitches tomorrow against Edwin Jackson. Since it's the National League, they will literally pitch against one another. I hate interleague play.

Box Score. Math Class.

Play of the Game: Ian Desmond's eighth inning home run (+34.9%). The Yankees end of things goes to Mark Teixeira's two-run double in the 14th inning. (+26.3%)