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Thursday Open Thread (Again)

Andrelton Simmons begins his ascent to the sky.
Andrelton Simmons begins his ascent to the sky.

The Yankees love their Thursday off-days don't they? I mean they're just traveling to DC from Atlanta and the Nationals are only traveling from Toronto to DC. They probably could have played tonight and put the off-day somewhere else. Whatever. The bullpen probably needs the breather anyway, especially David Phelps. Oh. Hopefully he's headed down for David Robertson's recall tomorrow since Joe Girardi has apparently decided Phelps doesn't exist even though I'm sure Cody Eppley, Clay Rapada, Boone Logan, and Rafael Soriano could have used a breather over the past fortnight. Alas.

There are six games on tonight and a few that are probably just finishing at the post time. I think the NBA Finals is on. Go Supersonics.