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Yankees News & Notes: Thursday 6/14/12

"Well you see, it wasn't that hard to sweep the Braves in Atlanta because we're just a damn good team. Accept it."
"Well you see, it wasn't that hard to sweep the Braves in Atlanta because we're just a damn good team. Accept it."

The Yankees have swept two series in a row and have now won 16 of their last 20 games. Good times in Yankeeland, right? So nothing to write about? Don't you worry, there are still articles discussing parts of the game that the Yankees can improve upon.

  • TYA's Alex Geshwind discussed Rafael Soriano and how he might be headed for a fall soon. His walk rate's still up like it was last year, and he has yet to give up a single home run. Let the record show that Soriano is anti-dinger.
  • Something odd during the Yankees' 20-game stretch of success is that ace CC Sabathia has actually been the least effective starter. At RAB, Mike Axisa analyzes the Cheeseburger Consumer's control issues. Hopefully, this anomaly is just an early-season problem and won't last the whole season.
  • On the injured Yankee front, Brett Gardner is getting a second opinion on his elbow today from Dr. Tim Kremchek, David Aardsma will throw a simulated game on Friday in Tampa, and Joba Chamberlain had a pain-free bullpen session on Monday. Get well soon, guys.
  • Speaking of Gardner, TYA brought up some names the Yankees could be looking at acquiring for the outfield should his elbow injury threaten his season. No, none of the names is "Marlon Byrd."
  • So Matt Cain of the Giants threw the 22nd (Sorry, Mr. Galarraga, the 23rd) perfect game in major league history last night. It's the second perfecto this year (with Philip Humber) and the fifth no-hitter (Humber, Jered Weaver, Johan Santana, Seattle six-pack, Cain). Pretty crazy that there are so many already. Did you see who the third baseman responsible for ending the game was? Joaquin Arias, the player to be named later in the 2004 Alex Rodriguez/Alfonso Soriano trade with the Rangers. I'm so glad the Rangers didn't take Robinson Cano.
  • David Waldstein of the New York Times wrote about A-Rod's record-setting grand slam from the other day and other records A-Rod is looking at--there are quite a few.
  • David Robertson will officially be back playing on Friday! I hate to say it, but the Yankees should really just demote David Phelps to activate D-Rob. They've used him sparingly over the past month, and though he should be on the roster more than Freddy Garcia, I doubt a DFA is coming for Garcia anytime soon. At least Phelps get some innings in somewhere.
  • Knuckleballs and helplessness. Also the Mets have some chutzpah putting an appeal in for the game since Santana's no-hitter was saved by a blown call. I've heard arguments for the B.J. Upton infield single going either way, so just leave it as is (not that Bud would have favored a late change anyway).