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Yankees News: Links to Posts About The Yankees

Personal catcher, Chris Stewart.
Personal catcher, Chris Stewart.

Yankees' Rivera Says Knee Surgery "Went Perfectly"
I highly doubt that Mariano Rivera's knee surgery included apple pie. I highly doubt that Mariano Rivera's knee surgery could not have been improved by waking up to some apple pie. People are so careless with superlatives.

Yankees' Brett Gardner Believes He Will Play Again This Year
Oh good. I was worried that a seemingly minor injury would get drawn out with setbacks and unforeseen complications.

Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda To Make Next Starts On Time
Pettitte and Kuroda have hit a combined 70 batters in the big leagues. It was only a matter of time before the hitters started to take revenge and hit the ball back at them.

An Entire Blog Post About Cody Eppley
It really is. He's been getting a lot of ground balls with a lot of sink on his pitches.

Manny Banuelos and Jose Campos Still in "Rest Mode"
What an odd choice of words. Are they bed ridden robots? Like some sort of second generation Mark Teixeira that is dangerously low on high fiber trail mix?