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Q&A With New York Yankees First Round Draft Pick Ty Hensley

Ty Hensley, the Yankees first round draft pick this season, was kind enough to answer some questions for us. I'd like to thank Ty, who said that "the Yankees fanbase has been unbelievable to me since I became part of the family." He's been unbelievable too!

Brandon C.- Will it be difficult for you to give up hitting as you switch to becoming a full-time pitcher?

Ty Hensley- Yes definitely, I love it. I am a switch hitter and actually better from the left then the right. I enjoy being able to impact the outcome of a game offensively.

BC- Which pitcher have you most tried to model yourself after? Is he your favorite big league (or former big league) player?

TH- That's a tough question, because I take bits and pieces from guys like Roger Clemens and Roy Holladay, but I would have to say Justin Verlander. He gains velocity throughout a game which is kind of my m.o. and if I can emulate his command and ability to stay down in the zone it will be very effective for me.

BC- You've said you want to be in the majors by 21, what made you pick such a specific and ambitious goal?

TH- I am a guy that has to set goals. I know there will be setbacks a long the way that aren't in my control, and some will be bigger then others BUT the things that I can control I will and having a tough, yet realistic goal to work towards gives me the motivation to get it done.

BC- Having to deal with the New York media as a Yankees first round draft pick is probably a lot different than what you've experienced growing up in Oklahoma. Has the attention from media and fans been at all overwhelming so far?

TH- I think anybody in my shoes would be a little overwhelmed, but not because of the attention; more so because I don't think I am all that interesting. I am just your typical guy that happens to be above average at something he loves to do, and blessed to be able to continue doing it.

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BC- How did you find out about being drafted? What was your immediate reaction, then your reaction after the dust settled?

TH- I really didn't have much time to react. Those couple of hours were a blur really, thought I was going several times, but when my Dad showed up (he was in an office during the draft) and I got the call from the organization it was relief, joy, and excitement because I knew it was really happening. One minute and 10 seconds later C.C. Sabathia said my name. I celebrated with friends and family for a few hours then just went for a walk to clear my head.

BC- Who was your favorite team/player growing up?

TH- Atlanta Braves and Chipper Jones

BC- On your twitter page you often talk about your love for Chipotle. What's your order there, and is that your pregame meal?

TH- The steak burrito (loaded). I skip the chips and usually drink water with lemon. If it's before a game I usually eat 2 hrs before then have a protein bar 45 minutes before as well.

BC- Any message for Yankees fans?

TH- Just that they are terrific. They have a great team with the greatest history in the game, and right now, this moment in time I am honored to be a part of that.

Thanks again to Ty!