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Psychological Fan Study: Quirks

I hate interleague. I'm sure many or all of you probably know this already. Yes yes yes, I'm well aware how the Yankees perform during cross-league sex time. To put it Seinfeld-ly, they do Jerry's move and then add a counter-clockwise swirl at the end. They probably don't even need to write the move on their hand. Especially against the Mets, with whom we just swept. So why do I hate interleague? Cause I just do. I've never liked it and I probably never will. I feel it further contributes to schedule unbalancing which also grinds my gears. Does any of this matter in the grand scheme of things? No. I'm still watching the sport and despite my disgust with what's been done with it, I'll watch the sport far after it eventually evolves into Blernsball. MULTI-BALL! MULTI-BALL!

So why do I still get upset over these things when I know it doesn't matter? And why am I asking so many questions? The answer to the first question is because these little quirks about baseball will always upset me and there's really nothing I can do about it. The answer to the second question is because I'm a tool. Quirks are what this Psychological Fan Study deals with. I know we all have them. I don't know if everyone has any regarding baseball. That's what we're here to find out. I will post quirky situations and I will see if they anger you or if you don't care. As you read this, or any of my posts, you might find the quirkiness of my writing upsets you. Perfectly understandable. It upsets me when I wait till the wee hours of the morning to write it.

The quirks begin after the jump.

Situation #1. Stadium quirks. We'll start where the Yankees come to play. Are there any quirks you have about things they do at Yankee Stadium? It could be the seats. It could be the food. It could be the music or loudspeaker in general. Perhaps the giant screen just rubs you the wrong way for some reason. Are there any other stadiums that you've visited that do things that just irk you? This relates to just the stadiums and not the fans themselves. I've decided not to do fans because that would just be too easy.

Situation #2. Uniform quirks. For Military Appreciation Night, as well as Memorial Day, the Yankees donned different style hats. They looked odd. They always tend to look odd. Does it bother you when teams wear different style caps then the ones you are use to seeing? Do you not care since it's honoring America and those who fought for our freedom? Do the pink hats and other oddities disturb you on Mother's Day? The Yankees are usually not guilty of this, but does it bother you when other teams have a throwback uniform day? I doubt the last question bothers anyone. I figured I should ask though.

Situation #3. Sports people quirks. Some sports writers and talk show hosts can really get on people's nerves. They can say or write things that can just set someone off like that. Like. That. Are there any in particular you cannot stand? Do you still read or listen to said pisser even though they bother you? Do you follow them on Twitter? Does Twitter bother you in some way in regards to sports journalism? I suppose you can let me know if you have any quirks regarding sports broadcasters, but that's just as easy as listing fan quirks.

Situation #4. Player quirks. I wanted to try and keep this away from their performance on the field. I really did. I didn't. I'll still start with the oddities though. Is there anything you see a specific player do that you just find weird or troublesome? Example: If you ever watched Jim Leyritz at the plate on the late 90's Yankees, did you notice that when he stepped out of the batters box he wiggled his ass? I'm not making this up. Is there anything you hear about their off-hour lives that peeves you off or do you not care? Do they do anything on offense or defense or pitching that frustrates you?

Situation #5. Baseball quirks. I hate interleague. There, I said it again. I enjoy saying it cause I really do hate interleague. I hate quite a few baseball decisions as of late. Are there any that annoy you? Are they annoying enough that you would consider not watching the game, or at least part of the game anymore? Do none of these decision bother you because ultimately you still know you're going to watch the sport?

I usually answer my own questions here. I'm going to answer them tomorrow when/if I wake up. If I don't wake up, bury me with my Gundam Models.