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Yankees News And Notes 6/10/12: It's All New To Me

Stop this.
Stop this.

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I have no idea what happened in last night's game other than the Yankees won, so here's some informative stuff about said game. If you also missed the game, you're welcome. If not, I don't know what to tell you.

  • Chad Jennings at LoHud has the post-game wrap from inside the clubhouse with quotes from the major players. Mark Teixeira and Phil Hughes discussed the 4-2 win over the Mets, and Joe Girardi had an interesting comment to help wake you up today. "I love pitching" said the former catcher. Do with that what you will.

  • Curtis Granderson was interviewed by a gnome in a bow tie after last night's win. In order to pass into the dugout, he had to answer the gnome's questions about home runs and Rafael Soriano's success in the closer role. Good on Granderson not to tousle his hair or try to spin his bow tie. Perhaps the gnome will reward him with the gift of getting good jumps on fly balls.
  • Why did I miss last night's game? Do you actually care why I did? Probably not, but it's because I was suffering through another brutal start by Dellin Betances. Poor timing for a bad start with An A-Blog For A-Rod calling his promotion to the majors, but it's almost always poor timing for that call. Just no. At least not yet. Maybe not ever. Whatever, I'm finding it difficult to be concerned with what happens to Betances at this point.
  • On a related note, here's a photo I took of Betances before the game. Me! His stride is scary. Shame the still photos are better than the motion picture.
  • Buried in a story about CC Sabathia being fat, the New York Post has some news on catching prospect Austin Romine. A ghost since the fourth day of spring training with a back injury, Romine reported to the team's spring training facility in Tampa on Friday. He swung a bat, played catch and didn't come down with a random case of scoliosis, so everything's coming up Milhouse.
  •, that doesn't work. General Manager Brian Cashman took some time on Friday to answer questions submitted by fans on the bottomless wells of intelligence known as Twitter and Facebook. Cashman updated the status of top prospect Manny Banuelos, talked up rising star Tyler Austin and said nice things about the Red Sox. Fire him.
  • For more happenings around the Yankees farm system, River Ave Blues has the hook-up like they always do.
  • It's a couple days old and only semi-related to the Yankees, but oh well. Jesus Montero caught a combined no-hitter for the Mariners on Friday night. On it's own, this probably doesn't justify inclusion here. Lookout Landing has .gifs of his celebrations after the final out, though, so here we are. He was so excited and it was just awesome.
  • If anyone needs me, I'll be in my tent.