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New York Yankees News: Pettitte Close, Rivera's Surgeon, and Soccer at the Stadium

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It's getting closer.
It's getting closer.

Yankees brass will decide today whether to bring Andy Pettitte up to the big leagues or give him at least one more start in the minors. In four minor league starts, Pettitte has accumulated 13 strikeouts against three walks in 17 innings with 19 hits and seven earned runs allowed. Regular rest would mean a Friday night start against Felix Hernandez and the Mariners.

- Mariano Rivera visited three doctors yesterday in New York: Team physician Christopher Ahmad at New York Presbyterian Hospital, knee specialist Russell Warren at the Hospital for Special Surgery, and David Altchek, who operated on Mo's shoulder in 2008. He'll now decide who he wants to perform the surgery to correct his torn ACL and damaged meniscus.

- Boy, that Montero-for-Pineda trade looks better everyday doesn't it? Highly touted prospect Jose Campos (as Rob reported last night) was placed on the DL with "elbow discomfort." Does anyone else foresee the headline, "Campos Undergoes Tommy John Surgery," in the near future?

- The first soccer match at the new Yankee Stadium will occur in July, as Chelsea will take on Paris St. Germain. Details can be found here. FYI, Chelsea will play in the Champions League final on May 19, the "most watched annual sporting event" on the planet.

- Babe Ruth's Sudbury, MA, house is for sale at the asking price of $1.65M.

- Political groups are saying the Yankees, who paid a lobbying group about $300K in 2005, are a prime example of why the state needs campaign finance reform.

- My house is cluttered, but I'd never toss out something like this.

- Was Cole Hamels being tough or right for beaning Bryce Harper on Sunday night? Nats GM Mike Rizzo had some harsh words for the southpaw. Hamels was suspended five games and fined an undisclosed amount.

- RHP Guillermo Mota was suspended 100 games after testing positive for clenbuterol, a PED.