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Off Night Open Thread - The Avengers Was AWESOME!

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I'm sure you've realized this by now, but the Yankees have an off day today to travel back to NYC after only traveling to KC for a series. I realized this last night as I was typing up the news, but having the Yankees fly to KC and then back again just seems sort of odd and inefficient. The same can be said next week, when after the Yankees face the Mariners, they fly to Baltimore for a 2 game series, then fly right to Toronto for a 2 game series, and then fly back to NYC for a six-game home stand against the Reds (interleague shudder) and the Royals. But hey, whatever.

Anyway, since there are no Yankees on tonight, feel free to talk about whatever your hearts desire. Cole Hamels was apparently suspended for intentionally hitting Bryce Harper and then admitting to doing it, so you can talk about that. The NY Rangers will continue their playoff hockey push against the Washington Capitals tonight. There are other baseball games on. You could build your potential Yankee dream team of players you'd love to see on the Yankees. We could have a nice discussion on the awesomeness that is Progressive Rock. What is your favorite breed of doggie? You can also discuss this hilarious article by Deadspin which asks the question, What If Every Pitcher in Baseball Were Mariano Rivera?

On a quick side note, I saw the Avengers last night. As both a huge comic book nerd and a movie critic, I really think the movie is perfect. Fantastic movie all around, and I recommend it highly. Also the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer has me just giddy with excitement. I cannot wait to see how Nolan ends his masterpiece. Not to mention the awesome Zimmer soundtrack to accompany the movie.

So yeah, discuss.