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Galarraga Training With Yankees in Tampa, Might Sign Soon

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Right-handed pitcher Armando Galarraga is training with the New York Yankees in Tampa and may sign soon, according to sports writer Augusto Cárdenas:

Galarraga, most notable for pitching the "imperfect game," is 30 and was released by the Baltimore Orioles last month after signing with the club in January. After spending three seasons with the Detroit Tigers, he was designated for assignment in the 2010-2011 off-season and then traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Kevin Eichhorn and Ryan Robowski.

Getting just eight starts and pitching only 42 innings with the D'backs, Galarraga saw very little time in 2011 before being designated for assignment in May. He became a free agent following the 2011 season.

While the Yankees have had their own struggles, it's not yet clear how they would use Galarraga, if at all.