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Yankees News and Notes - I'mGivingYouACaseOfTheMondays

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"Yeah, I'm fine!" -Nick Swisher remarks as reports question the definition of the word "fine" with him talking with his tongue out the whole time.
"Yeah, I'm fine!" -Nick Swisher remarks as reports question the definition of the word "fine" with him talking with his tongue out the whole time.

Last night the Yankees managed to split the 4-game series against the Royals with a 10-4 win. Not only did the offense come alive but Phil "and the count is 3 and 2" Hughes managed to pitch his best game of the year thus far. Today the Yankees have the day off to fly...back to NYC to face the Rays for a 3-game series. Apologies for the ellipses, but I just looked at the Yankees upcoming schedule for the next two weeks and the traveling is kinda odd.

Former and soon to be current Yankees pitcher, pickoff master, and postseason protector Andy Pettitte is supposedly another step closer to rejoining the Yankees. However, his latest outing draws concerns for whether or not he is ready to face major league hitting again. With Hughes coming off a decent start against the Royals, Pettitte's eventual return may be pushed back a bit to give him more time to get ready. More on that eventual story as it develops soon, I'm sure.

Brett Gardner, Yankees primary defensively awesome left fielder, has a Triple-A rehab stint next in line on his road to recovery. While Gardner is recovering in SWB, I fully expect him to take extra good care of himself as he is surrounding by the same massive number of adoring fans that Andy Pettitte was. Come back soon, Gardner. Please.

Non-Yankees news after the jump...

In pretty awesome and downright epically hilarious fashion, the newly appointed best team in the majors, the Baltimore Orioles, swept the Red Sox this weekend. The sweep came after a 17 inning tables & chairs match DH pitchers duel between Chris Davis for the O's and Darrell McDonald for the Sox, in which Chris Davis out pitched McDonald, defeated the Red Sox offense, and also somehow destroyed McDonalds across the globe, setting off a fast food chain reaction that possibly caused a time-space McAnomaly to appear because again, the Orioles are the best team in the majors.

In other, less time-space McAnomaly news...or maybe that did have something to do with this as well, Albert "the fans were yelling Poooooo-jols" Pujols finally hit his first home run of the year. Angels fans and fantasy baseball first round drafters everywhere can now rejoice. Only thirty to fifty some left to go, Albert. Get on it!

Finally, Bryce Harper stole home last night off current Phillies pitcher and future expensive free agent pitcher Cole Hamels. Hamels then later admitted to hitting Harper intentionally. Baseball, folks.

Tune in later for a special PSA interview. Also, thanks to PSA member Cory Braiterman for this gif.