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New York Yankees News and Notes: Pen & Pettitte

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You're probably going to need a good start today to save your job, Phil. So do that.
You're probably going to need a good start today to save your job, Phil. So do that.

The Yankees' bullpen gave an examine of how the Rivera injury affected them last night. More...

  • The Yankee Analysts examined the post-Rivera injury Yankees bullpen and how Phil Hughes may very well be on his way there. The setup job is there for the taking if David Robertson (primary option) and Rafael Soriano (secondary option) are indeed splitting time at closer, as has been suggested. Obviously, if Hughes pitches great today against the Royals and he continues to do so as Andy Pettitte continues his rehab, it will makes things more interesting, but it does seem that Pettitte is breathing down his neck.
  • Speaking of Pettitte, he will be starting today for the Empire State Yankees against the Pawtucket Red Sox, and Rochester's Frontier Field sold 8,800 seats in four hours yesterday after the announcement that the Yankees would be playing there instead of Batavia. His performance could dictate how much longer he'll pitch in the minors.
  • After the 2012 season, the Empire State Yankees will move back to Scranton, and they could pursue a name change from the Yankees to something else. Attendance numbers have not been great during the team's time as the Yankees' AAA affilate, so a name change, along with the new park, could help spark more support. More support means more money, so go ahead.
  • "You can only tip your cap so many times" about sums up what the Yankees offense is going through right now. It's not pretty, and hopefully it will get better soon.
  • How did Rivera's injury affect the Yankees' odds at a deep postseason run? It sure didn't help.
  • Former Yankee and World Series hero Chad Curtis is being investigated for "inappropriate touching" at Lakewood High School in Michigan. He was supposed to become the football coach there this year, but that's not happening now. Yikes. Hope the allegations aren't true, but if so, Curtis will join fellow late-'90's Yankee playoff hero Jim Leyritz in the "horrible people" department.