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Pinstripe Alley Podcast: Fan Feedback

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Greetings all. Now that we're ten episodes into doing this thing we like to call the Pinstripe Alley Podcast, my chained & caged co-hosts and I would like to hear back from you on how you think we are doing. Despite what you might think, or what we might say, we do want this podcast to succeed and we want as many people as possible to enjoy it. However we need to hear back from you, our listeners, on how you think we can improve. What improvements would you like to see? Are there any segments you really like or otherwise think we can do without? Are there segments or ideas we do not currently have that you would like to possibly see added on? Is the podcast too short or too long?

Also, due to the fact that we've constantly had bandwidth restrictions, I am going to assume that the podcast is doing well, as in a decent amount of people are listening. I apologize for those who cannot listen to the podcast or download it on iTunes. Due to this constant problem I have actually purchased more bandwidth, so hopefully it resets by Thursday. So bear with us for now but yeah, please let us know how we can improve our podcasting performance for you.