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Yankees 3, Royals 4: One Word - Depressing

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What I really want to do right now...
What I really want to do right now...

Depressing. Before this game even started it was depressing due to the lingering worrying about Mariano Rivera and his injury while catching fly balls in the outfield. Pre-diagnosed as a twisted right knee, Yankee fans still sit and wait for an update from his MRI to not hear the words "Torn ACL" or anything but "He'll only be out for a few days." However, the game was not much better as the Yankees lost to the Royals 4-3, giving the Royals their first home game win of the season and adding to our now 3-game losing streak.

Update: Torn ACL. I'm seriously at a loss for words. I don't think I've ever personally been more depressed about an injury. More on this here.

The losing streak has been due to the Yankees offensive production as of late, which quite frankly has been offensive. Derek Jeter continued his incredible start to the year with a 4 for 5 day. Andruw Jones also contributed as well with 3 hits on the day. Teixiera contributed with two runs, one a single and one a sac fly, and Nunez also contributed with a sac fly which would account for the only Yankee runs tonight. Honestly, the Yankees had 13 hits for the evening, but alas left 10 men on base tonight.

Meanwhile, David Phelps made his first major league start tonight. He managed to go four innings, most likely due to his pitch count, allowing six hits, two earned runs while striking out five and walking none. Taking over for Garcia as a starter, it is certainly an improvement over his production. His progress going further will be interesting to watch, for however long it lasts. A bullpen of Rapada, D.J. Mitchell, Logan, and Soriano took the mound tonight after Phelps, and while Rapada and Mitchell gave up a run a piece, Logan and Soriano shut the Royals down.

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-This was the Royals first win of the season at the always beautiful Kaufmann Stadium. David Duffy pitched 5.1 innings for the Royals tonight, allowing six hits, two earned runs, while walking two and striking out six. It was a pretty good performance tonight for the young Royal lefty. One of my favorite named players in baseball, Mike Moustakas, would be our main enemy tonight as he drove in three of the four Royals runs and made a really good bare handed defensive play in the last at-bat of the game to throw out A-Rod at first, preventing the tying run from coming in.

Comment of the Game: long time listener responding to a question about Pujols' contract.