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On a Lighter Note: The Best and Worst Yankees Haircuts

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(To hopefully make you feel better.)


Since the Yankees have, for a long time, been prohibited from facial hair (outside of mustaches) since George Steinbrenner bought the team in 1973, they've often been creative with their head hair, from Oscar Gamble to Rickey Henderson to Nick Swisher.

This is about celebrating the best and worst Yankee hair cuts. Let's go in (rough) chronological order. Continue below if you dare.



The quintessential '70s white guy 'do: long, bushy sideburns and a handlebar mustache. Plus, isn't it just tough to see Munson playing in any decade other than the 1970s? He seemed to fit in so well, what with the gritty play and the unkempt hair; even his face and body looked "70s."



Just... yes! Probably the most famous haircut in Bombers history; to this day Gamble is known far more for his hair than his on-field production, which is a shame because he was a very good hitter (127 OPS+, 141 in seven years with the Yanks) and played for 17 years.



Despite coordinating his suit, Dave Winfield went with the grizzly man look for his first press conference. He would soon shave the beard (and keep his famous 'stache), but doesn't this early glimpse - with the gap teeth - look like Michael Strahan?



We venture into the mid '80s, where Rickey Henderson donned the jerri-curl/mullet look at the beginning of his Yankee tenure. The cap didn't even fit on his head.



Don Mattingly's sideburns were never really long, so I went with the next best thing: his anti-sideburn look from The Simpsons.



Could Paul O'Neill's 'do be called a "permed mullet"?



Is this a faux-hawk or a true mohawk? Nick Swisher's probably changed his 'do more than any current Yankee, and (partly for that reason) is one of my favorite players.



This is the usual "I'm not with the Yankees anymore so I'm going to let loose" facial hair look. Since it was Spring Training, Cano went with it until the games started.



Uhhh... a fitting end to the list perhaps.


Which was the best? Which was the worst? And this is as good a place as any to ask: Should the Yankees still ban long head and (most) facial hair? I think not, as it gives players a way to express themselves, and I would enjoy seeing what they would do with grooming freedom.

Post your own pics (keep them small and with a headline) as well, if you didn't see them above.