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Mariano Rivera Tears ACL, Likely Out For The Season

Greatest ever.
Greatest ever.

When Mariano Rivera fell down on the warning track while shagging fly balls this afternoon, the worst case scenarios all began to play out in our minds. Unfortunately, those worst case scenarios are now a reality, as the MRIs done on Mo's knee have revealed that the closer has a torn ACL, according to Joe Girardi. Rivera will head back to New York for further evaluation, but his season is almost definitely over. The recovery time would be 6-8 months.

The 2012 season was presumed to be the farewell tour for the greatest closer of all time, but it's really difficult to imagine that it could end like this. It just can't end like this.

If there is a silver lining to be found in any of this, it's that David Robertson has performed admirably in the setup role since last season. He's not Mo by any stretch of the imagination, but he seemed to be the heir apparent. It looks like he'll get a chance to prove himself earlier than we ever imagined.


Bryan Hoch @BryanHoch

Mariano Rivera, head bowed and teary-eyed, says he does not know if he will pitch again.

This is heart breaking.