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Yankees 8, Angels 9: I Think The Word We're Looking For Is Strange

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"What's happening to me?"
"What's happening to me?"

So where do I begin with the recap of this long, long game? Well before I get into my usual attempts to make you laugh with my anger or humor or whatever, I'll be serious for a moment. In the first inning there was yet another baseball tragedy as Angels ace Jered Weaver had to come out of the game in the first inning after only throwing twelve pitches due to a lower back injury. There is no word yet on his condition but I will be hoping for the best.

Despite losing Weaver in the first inning the Angels still managed to win this game 9-8 due to this game just being strange from beginning to end. Normally with a box score like this I'd define the game as ugly. I still think it was ugly but I just can't help but define it as strange. The game started off with some singles by Jeter and Granderson and then the Yankees scored off of an Erick Aybar error, an Ayberror if you will. Then Weaver had to be removed from the game. Again I really hope he's okay. Then the Yankees scored on another error by Bobby Cassevah. By the time the top of the inning was over, the Yankees were up 3-0 and Weaver was tragically out of the game. Everything seemed to be going the Yankees way before the rest of the game happened.

To say Phil Hughes did not have his best stuff tonight would be an understatement. The Phil Hughes we do not like to see pitch decided to rear his head today, in front of his family and friends no less. Hughes gave up eleven hits and seven earned runs, including the classic $5 Meatball Dinger Sub, while only striking out three and walking no one. I guess the lack of walks can be considered a positive. The strange thing is that Girardi left him out there for 5.1 innings tonight. Growing pains, perhaps? Hopefully he'll show us that smile again and won't waste another minute on his crying. Why did I just sing the lyrics to the classic TV show Growing Pains? Oh right, it's 1:15AM.

The Yankees were never out of this game despite giving up an early lead. Granderson and Evil Mark Teixeira would both contribute home runs for the Yankees. Ibanez, Swisher, and Russell Martin would contribute some more RBI's. Yeah, you read that right. Russell Martin. In total the Yankees came out of this game with eight runs and ten hits. On most nights that would be enough for them to win. Tonight was just not their night. With all the runs that Hughes gave up and the other earned run that Cody "questionable Binder decision" Eppley would give up, all the Angels needed was the walk-off home run from Mark Trumbo off Cory Wade to end this strange and long night of baseball.

Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher almost collided on a play in the outfield in the first inning. Thankfully they missed one another. Then later on in another inning they collided on a very similar play in the outfield. Thankfully they are both okay as we cannot afford to lose another outfielder. Swisher would later drop a ball while getting ready to make sure Aybar did not make it to second base on a pop out. He did. Defense was just not on anyone's side in this game tonight.

Tomorrow Andy Pettitte will face Dan Haren and Travis will try to compete in Game Thread War.

Comment of the Game: Rorschach44 for his description of Kim Jones