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The Future Of The New York Yankees Season

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If Alex can get a hot streak going the Yankees offense will be unstoppable.
If Alex can get a hot streak going the Yankees offense will be unstoppable.

Before their current five game winning streak the Yankees were tied for last place in the AL East at 21-21, a .500 winning percentage. (yes, I am very good at math, thanks for noticing!) The slow start was certainly worse than what was expected, especially considering the quick starts by the Orioles, Rays, and Blue Jays.

However, the Yankees hung in there with the rest of the AL East and are winning games now, and look like they will win a lot more in the future.

One stat many writers have used almost every day in their notes is that the Yankees have not won a game in which they did not hit a home run. That certainly does not look like a positive, nor does the fact that the Yankees are among the bottom ten teams in on base percentage with runners in scoring position. Two wrongs do make a right in this situation.

The Yankees are destined for an improvement in hitting with runners in scoring position, as of the current nine main hitters (Jeter, Granderson, Cano, Rodriguez, Teixeira, Swisher, Ibanez, Jones, Martin) all but Granderson have much worse OBP with runners in scoring position than their career numbers. The team is simply struggling collectively with runners in scoring position, and when that changes the Yankees will be an unstoppable offense.

Next, there's the pitching. Andy Pettitte has surprised many with his fantastic start to his comeback campaign, but Pettitte became a necessity rather than a luxury due to the injury to Michael Pineda. Meanwhile, Hiroki Kuroda and Ivan Nova have given up far more home runs than expected, and Phil Hughes got off to a rough start.

Kuroda pitched a gem last night, Nova threw a solid outing Saturday night, and Hughes has improved mightily over his last few starts. Signs are pointing in the right direction for the rotation, and the pitchers are starting to throw as they were expected to.

While baseball can be a mystery sometimes, I'm very optimistic about the future of this team right now. Let's hope I'm right!