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Yankees 2, Athletics 0: Kuroda Stellar As Yankees Sweep Athletics

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Hiroki Kuroda was absolutely outstanding today, pitching eight shutout innings in a win for the Yankees. Over the season Kuroda has succeeded when hitting his spots, and struggled when missing his spots, so it came as no surprise that Kuroda was excellent today, given that he hit almost all of his spots.

Kuroda walked one hitter and struck out three Athletics, and perhaps most important of all Kuroda did not surrender a home run. Rafael Soriano closed down the game for the Yankees, earning his fifth save of the season in the process.

The Yankees offense came from a solo home run (fifth of the season) off the bat of Andruw Jones in the top of the second inning, and a RBI double from Mark Teixeira in the seventh.

Although the Yankees left eight men on base, failed to score with runners in scoring position, and only managed two runs on eight hits, there was a positive sign in the Yankees lineup. Mark Teixeira once again put together a multi-hit effort for the Yankees, and is now eight for his last fourteen with three home runs and eight RBI. Not bad!

After gaining a game on the Orioles, Blue Jays, and Red Sox, as well as sweeping the Athletics, the Yankees have a lot to be happy about right now. The team has still not won a game in which they did not hit a home run in, but as long as the Yankees win, who cares? The hits with RISP are inevitable, so home runs are more of a bonus for a future than a necessity for the future.

Off to Los Angeles to take on the Angels for the Yankees, as Phil Hughes will take the mound vs. Jered Weaver.

Comment of the Game: lololol's hilarious picture.