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Yankees News and Notes 5/27/12: Tex? Tex!

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Mark Teixeira! Is he back? Maybe. Probably not, but maybe. It all depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for him to start going to other and shoot for a higher batting average, you should probably stop. He is what he is according to he. (via Chad Jennings at LoHud) If you're looking for more dingers, that's something he might be able to provide. Hitting coach Kevin Long encouraged Tex to get back to being himself at the plate, or to simply "go up there, see the ball and try to hit it really hard." That's all we can really ask for at this point.

CC Sabathia started off against the A's on Saturday; then the offense came. Sitting at 60 pitches after three innings, Sabathia settled in and dominated for another four. He tells Newsday that he doesn't pitch to the scoreboard, but the extra run support certainly doesn't hurt.

Like nails on a chalkboard, the news of Miguel Montero's contract extension had to grate on the ears of fans fed up with Russell Martin's lack of production. Back over at LoHud, the reality of the Yankees' situation is given a bit of clarity; though most fans probably don't want to acknowledge it. With Montero and Yadier Molina now off the market and the in-house alternatives either years away, on the shelf or simply inadequate, the team is left with few options behind the plate. We can dream of a Mike Napoli signing in free agency, but given the team's interest in getting below the luxury tax in coming years, it's probably just that; a dream. Fans may need to prepare for a few more seasons of Martin.

Given the lack of catching talent on the open market the team may look to reload the farm system. Good thing the MLB Draft is just eight days away. Mike Axisa at River Ave Blues has your primer with previews of a few of the players the Yankees may target. Of particular interest are prospects Clint Coulter and Stryker Trahan. Both flash high-upside power at the plate but, surprise, need a lot of work on their defense. Don't they always? If I'm leaning towards one of them, of course it has to be Trahan. His name is Stryker. He's named after a character Burt Reynolds movie. He's a catcher with big power named Stryker. Sold.

Baseball America and Keith Law's current mock drafts have the Yankees targeting Alabama commit and future Scott Boras client, shortstop Addison Russell. Considered a "bat-first player", Russell could eventually end up moving over to third, making him an interesting option. The Yankees have Dante Bichette Jr. as the presumed heir to Alex Rodriguez, but who knows how that will turn out. Draft the best player available and let things sort themselves out.

Bill Hall has cleared waivers and will be outrighted to the Triple-A Norfolk Tides after being designated for assignment by the Orioles. Considering he left the Yankees after missing out on a major league roster spot, it should be interesting to see what Hall does. Don't say it. Really. Don't.

Completely unrelated to the Yankees, but Deadspin has video of Vanderbilt successfully pulling off a triple steal. That's just cool.