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Overpaid Yankees Top Reasonably Priced A's 9-2

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A failing Colon is always funnier from the other side.
A failing Colon is always funnier from the other side.

We're a spoiled fanbase. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely a thing. Other fanbases know it, and really, we know it, but I figured I'd point it out anyway. It's not exactly new information; it was just especially striking today.

CC Sabathia gave up more runs than we're used to seeing. He gave up two runs on seven hits in seven innings. His command wasn't very good. He struck out four and walked only two. The lineup included Eric Chavez and Chris Stewart off the bench. They went a combined three for seven with a double and two runs scored. Bartolo Colon was chased after giving up six runs in six innings. It almost felt like it should have been more. Almost half of the team's runs came on home runs. There's someone out there complaining about that. If it's you, stop.

The worst part of today's game was the YES booth yammering about the name of a train that happens to share four common letters with Bartolo Colon's name and making bad Chili Davis puns. That was the worst part of the game. That's spoiled pushed to obnoxious heights.

The Yankees did a lot of good things today, but with the exception of Mark Teixeira's 4-5, two home run game, it kind of felt routine. Almost like this is what was supposed to happen. It must be a west coast thing because it never feels like much happens when they make trips out west. Call it east coast bias, but I just can't get in to games out west. Robinson Cano had three hits with a home run, Derek Jeter reached milestone x with y at-bat result after a 2-4 day, and Sabathia pitched well, but still. Important things happened; it just felt routine. Maybe it's just the spoiled part of me shining through. It probably is.

Still, it's a win. Never going to complain about that. They beat a team they should have beaten without much incident. It's always good to tack on another win and see the whole team contribute. When you're getting quality production from the bench, seven innings from your ace when he's a bit off and the fourth or fifth options out of the pen finishing the game, there isn't much to complain about. If this is what routine is going to look like all year, I'll happily wear the spoiled label.

And Suzyn Waldman called Bartolo Colon a bell pepper. So there's that.

The Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound tomorrow looking for a sweep. Hopefully the lineup continues to hit the way they have the last couple of games, because it definitely makes these west coast games more bearable.

Play of the Game: Mark Teixeira's fourth inning HR (+14.0 %)

Box Score. Math Class.

Comment of the Game: jetanumba2 for tracking down the only person allowed to tug on Superman's cape.