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Yankees Links And News

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Jeter makes weird faces too!
Jeter makes weird faces too!

Happy Thursday, everyone! The Yankees have an off night, so an open thread will be posted tonight by Andrew. Until then, here are some links for you to spend some time reading.

Rob Neyer reviewed the New Yankee Stadium, and called it "meh." From Neyer:

Which reminds of something else that's disappointing ... The New York Yankees are supposed to epitomize class. But with the arguable exception of Derek Jeter's appearances still announced by the (now) disembodied voice of Bob Sheppard, there is almost nothing classy about Yankee Stadium. The Yankees could have afforded to eschew advertisements on the outfield walls, but they didn't. They could have jettisoned "YMCA", but they didn't. They could have built something in the grand tradition of the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building or the Brooklyn Bridge or any of a dozen other New York City landmarks, but they didn't. Yankee Stadium's like a school in summer.


This tweet should make you laugh.

Ed Valentine takes a look at 5 potential Yankees owners if the Steinbrenners do sell the team (which they likely won't) and the year so far in the MLB.

Now, I have a couple of questions. Do you like the news posts, or do you prefer scattered fanshots?

I'd like to find a slogan that I can keep on the site for a long time, so please vote in the poll.