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An Assortment Of Thoughts And Concerns About The New York Yankees

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I feel like this explains my emotions.
I feel like this explains my emotions.

Well, let's get right to the negatives. The Yankees are tied for last place in the AL East, have lost six of seven, and are on a 6-72 streak with runners in scoring position. That is not good, to say the least.

Pitching: The most surprising and disappointing of the group of problems that the Yankees have, in my opinion. I was more confident about this rotation going into Spring Training than I was about any rotation since 2009. Andy Pettitte essentially replaced Michael Pineda, which was disappointing, but not something I thought would make a huge difference. While it has not, the Yankees rotation as a whole has performed below expectations.

Ivan Nova and Hiroki Kuroda have given up more home runs than I could imagine, while Phil Hughes dealt with early season struggles. It seems like whenever one pitcher figures it out, another loses it.

The positive is that Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes have both improved, and Hiroki Kuroda is not throwing absolutely terrible games, just not quality starts. Ivan Nova struck out twelve in his last start, and was crushed by a Yankee Stadium special home run.The future does not look that ugly.

Offense: Once again I am surprised. I no longer want to hear about how crazy people are when they say Brett Gardner is one of the keys, if not the key to the Yankees offense. Alex Rodriguez cannot seem to hit a home run, but he has certainly come close. I'm expecting a power display soon from the centaur soon.

Meanwhile, Mark Teixeira is sick and struggling, Russell Martin is all kinds of awful, and players are taking turns having off nights. The Yankees need a complete game in which the team all gets to a pitcher and doesn't have to deal with "this player didn't produce" as usual.

I do not think moving Mark Teixeira to 7th in the lineup does anything at all, and I especially do not think it takes any pressure off of Teixeira. Teixeira is being paid a lot of money to get big hits and get on base, and he simply is not doing that. Just one of many players that really needs to step it up.

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Defense: The Yankees defense has been hurt drastically by the loss of Brett Gardner. Raul Ibanez is an absolute mess in left/right field, and Curtis Granderson can't get an off day. Dewayne Wise was finally recalled, but his lack of a bat is causing Joe Girardi to play Ibanez/Jones over him.

Players are making mental errors as well, and that needs to be addressed by the team.

Roster Management: This is what is worrying me the most. The Yankees should not have Freddy Garcia on the active roster right now. Either phantom DL or cut him, but Garcia serves no purpose for this team. The Yankees have David Phelps sitting on the bench while Clay Rapada, Cody Eppley, and Freddy Garcia enter games, and that is unacceptable.

The Yankees have certainly been hurt by injuries, but when games are within reach, the teams hould be making every effort to catch up.

Overall, I'm worried about the Yankees, but I do not think all hope is lost. When (if) Mark Teixeira improves, Brett Gardner and David Robertson come back, and Ivan Nova/Hiroki Kuroda keep the ball inside the ballpark this is a scary team. In a good way, too!