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Royals 6 Yankees 0: When It Rains It Pours

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"He really cannot play the outfield!" -Translated from Japanese
"He really cannot play the outfield!" -Translated from Japanese

On this damp, rainy, ugly night to play baseball, the Yankees team struggles continued as they were shut out by the Royals 6-0.

The Yankees manage to get runners on base. The Yankees fail to bring the runners on base in for runs. You've seen this story before. This story is as frustrating to read, type, or watch as listening to that little snot-nosed girl talk about what she's afraid of in that smoking ad on the radio. There's really not much more to be said on the matter. It's frustrating to watch but no one player is at fault. They had seven hits on the night. Alex Rodriguez had two of them, including a double. Martin had two of them, also including a double. Jeter, Chavez, and Severely Inflamed Bronchial Airways will round up the offense for tonight with their hits. Again I'm no doctor, but I cannot imagine playing in this weather will help Tex's condition any.

Hiroki Kuroda pitched 5.1 innings, allowing three earned runs and seven hits while striking out four and walking three. Kuroda did not get out of the first inning without giving up runs, a foul pole home run to Mike Moustakas to be clear. He might have if Raul Ibanez was any kind of competent outfielder. He's not and was not given an error. You've also seen this story before as well. It's frustrating, just like that little snot-nose girl on the radio. Get a Barbie doll or maybe take this free, useless Freddy Garcia off of our hands. To be fair, Freddy Garcia has pitched well coming out of the bullpen lately. To be unfair, he still should never be used in close games. Garcia gave up a two run home run as soon as he was put into the game. The other run was due to defensive catcher Russell Martin letting a ball go passed him with a runner on third. You've seen this story before. It's frustrating to watch. I really hate that little girl. I also do not like how the Yankees are playing defense lately.

Felipe Paulino shut the Yankees offense down for the second time this year. It's also the last time he'll shut us down this year since the Yankees do nott play the Royals again this year after this series is done. Paulino went 6.2 innings, allowing no earned runs and six hits while striking out eight and walking two. Very impressive. Collins and Crow would finish off the Yankees after Paulino left the game. Mike Moustakas hit his dinger off the foul pole while Jeff Francouer drove his to the back of the bullpen in left-center field. A good night for the Royals. A bad night for the Yankees.

Comment of the Game: BlackandGoldTSgt for realizing this was the wrong day to quit sniffing glue