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Yankees News And Notes - I'mGivingYouACaseOfTheMondays

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With a 5-2 loss yesterday afternoon to the Reds, the Yankees lost their first interleague series of the year. I hate interleague and not just for this reason. There were concerns about Derek Jeter after he took a line drive to the wrist, but Jeter has dismissed the bruise as not being that serious. I sure hope he's right as the Yankees do not need another injury right now. Teixeira pinch-hit in the ninth inning yesterday, despite not being fully healed from his severely inflamed bronchial airways. Tex hopes to be in the lineup tonight against the Royals, despite not being fully healed from his severely inflamed bronchial airways. I find that needs repeating because I would think he should fully heal from his severely inflamed bronchial airways before going back to doing anything that requires heavy breathing, like playing baseball for example. I'm not his doctor though.

Speaking of injuries to the Yankees as well as the hearts of Gardner loving PSA writers, Brett Gardner will go for another MRI either Tuesday or Wednesday to see if he can go down to Tampa to pick up a bat again. Brett Gardner has been missed. The Yankees could really use his bat and his glove and his dashing good looks in the field again, and soon. Come back at 11AM for more Brett Gardner wankery.

A New York Yankee road jersey worn by relatively unknown former Yankee Babe Ruth sold for $4,415,658 yesterday at an auction. You know, $4.4 million dollars is a lot of money. In fact it apparently broke the record for money being spent on sports memorabilia of any kind. It's a good thing that road jersey didn't wind up in the backyard of a huge, growling dog due to some young, baseball loving kids.