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New York Yankees News & Notes: 5/20/12

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"The Force will allow you to slug the ball long distances."
"The Force will allow you to slug the ball long distances."

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley. Here's what's going on in the busy world of Yankee-land, bullet-points style:

  • Mark Teixeira is still feeling sick from his lung infection, which has affected his play throughout the 2012 campaign thus far. The Yankees are expecting a lot better from Tex than his .228/.283/.386 triple slash thus far (especially for approximately $22.5 million), so hopefully his health improves and he can return to the MVP form he showed the team in 2009. He's struggled to achieve similar levels during the past few years, but he can still certainly help the team.
  • The Yankees are hoping that current closer David Robertson can safely return from his strained oblique injury once his stint on the 15-day Disabled List ends, but he is also still feeling pain. The Yankees will wait until Day 10 on the DL before making a decision on Robertson's return.
  • Here's a video clip of former Yankee setup man Kerry Wood's final appearance in the major leagues. Wood announced his retirement yesterday after a memorable career that featured a record 20-strikeout game and a pair of LCS appearances. One of his finest performances as a Yankee was in the must-win Game 5 of the 2010 ALCS, when he shut down the Rangers over two innings in a 7-2 Yankees victory.

  • The Charleston "Baby Bombers" had a good day yesterday as top hitting prospects Gary Sanchez, Dante Bichette Jr., and Tyler Austin each hit key doubles in a 7-6 RiverDogs win.
  • Ivan Nova blamed his struggles against the Reds yesterday on shaky location. Hopefully, this problem will not be a recurring issue going forward.
  • Dusty Baker was apparently not recognized at the the gates of Yankee Stadium as he attempted to enter the ballpark on Friday. No word has been heard of yet if the man at the gate was a furious Mark Prior supporter or not.