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Yankees Fail With RISP, Fall to Toronto, 4-1

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A microcosm.
A microcosm.

Phil Hughes pitched well enough to win, especially considering he was facing 21-year-old RHP Drew Hutchinson (of the 5.53 ERA and 1.52 WHIP), allowing two runs over 5.1 innings of work. He allowed nine baserunners (seven hits, two walks), but struck out five as well, escaping a number of jams. He made only one real mistake, but it cost him the game.* Hutchinson also allowed nine baserunners (five hits, four walks) and struck out three, but the Blue Jays backed him up with two home runs and (gasp!) a hit with RISP. Despite going 1-10, it was still better than the Yankees' 0-8.

It was really about the bottom of the lineup. The 4-9 hitters (Tex, Ibanez, Swisher, Chavez, Jones and Martin) went 1-21. It looked like the Yanks might make it easy for Hughes after they scored a run three batters into the game (Jeter bunt out, Grandy walk, Cano double), but they were held scoreless the rest of the night.

Hughes was again inefficient with his pitches, tossing 107 in fewer than six innings, including 64 in the first three alone. He did, however, maintain good velocity, averaging 92.5 MPH with his fastball (and reaching 95.4).

The "Bombers" will mercifully return home tomorrow to start interleague play against the Reds, as Andy Pettitte will take on Bronson Arroyo.

* Play of the Game: Jose Bautista's third-inning, two-runer homer that gave Toronto a 2-1 lead (-18%).

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