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Catching up on Yankees Links

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Beyond The Boxscore profiled David Phelps via Pitch F/X.

- Check out YFU's interview with rising Charleston prospect, OF/3B/1B Tyler Austin.

- The same man who buried a David Ortiz jersey in Yankee Stadium also helped build Derek Jeter's apartment, and left some "surprises" there.

- The Yankees signed Cuban outfielder, Adonis Garcia. He's "26" and listed at 5'7", 180 lbs., so you might wonder why. He's been a consistently good hitter in Cuba's top league and should reach Double- or Triple-A quickly.

- Dan Grunfeld suffered an ACL injury (like Mariano Rivera), so he knows all about the pain and rehab that comes with it.

- After Mo suffered his torn ACL, SBN NY reviewed the five most embarrassing accidental injuries in New York sports history. Several Yankees made the list.

- Mo and his possible successor, David Robertson, have a lot in common.

- Life magazine unearthed some photos from Babe Ruth Day in 1947.

- Ever heard of Willie Mays Aikens, Kansas City's first baseman during the early 1980s? He says he used drugs before every game.

- Sign up for the Damon Runyon 5K walk/run for cancer research at Yankee Stadium (on August 12th) here.