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Chen Dazzles, Orioles Down Yankees 5-2

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The Orioles? Really?
The Orioles? Really?

Wei-Yin Chen and the Baltimore Orioles got the best of the New York Yankees tonight 5-2 at the Yankees' home away from home.

Chen pitched a fantastic game tonight for the O's, going seven strong allowing only a two-run home run to Curtis Granderson in the seventh inning. The Yankees managed four hits off the southpaw, two of which came in the seventh inning, and worked two walks, one that came in the seventh inning.

CC Sabathia, on the other hand, was not ace-like. Earning his first official "L" of the year, Sabathia managed to pitch six innings, allowing four runs on eight hits while walking four batters as well. He did, however, strikeout six. The start was disappointing mostly because Sabathia's last four consecutive starts were exactly eight innings long. Sabathia hasn't pitched exactly six innings since his April 11 start, ironically, in Baltimore.

Granderson's home run was the only bright spot for the Yankees, and if not for jubilant fan in left-centerfield extending his glove to catch the ball and steal it away from Xavier Avery, the Bombers would have been shutout. New York was 1-9 with runners in scoring position this evening. Not a formula for for victory.

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