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Yankees 8, Orioles 5: That Was Not A Pitcher's Duel

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"Damn, that went far!"
"Damn, that went far!"

Instead of the pitcher's duel I thought this might be, it turned out to be an ugly slugfest. The Yankees managed to out slug the Orioles and win the game 8-5.

Ivan Nova has trouble with his control tonight and the Orioles manage to capitalize on his mistakes. He gave up five earned runs and seven hits over 5.1 innings while striking out four and walking three. Jason Hammel did not fair much better against the Yankees offense as he gave up four earned runs and seven hits over five innings while striking out three and walking three. Tonight both offenses combined for twenty one hits. Again, not the pitchers duel I was expecting. Granderson and Teixeira hit two dingers and A-Rod's bat was still hot as he had three solid hits. Swisher, Ibanez, and Chavez would also add RBI's and Derek Jeter made history again tonight with a single.

The Orioles offense was certainly not quiet tonight either. Adam Jones contributed with an RBI double in the first inning. J.J. Hardy had three RBI's tonight including a two run home run against Nova in the 5th inning. The newest Oriole, Xavier Avery, had a double and a triple for his first major league hits. He also has a tongue twister of a name so I'm rooting for him.

Now for the bad news. Nova left in the 6th inning due to sprains on his right ankle and foot. The X-Rays came back negative so whether or not he misses a start remains to be seen. Clay Rapada was taken out of the game due to a viral infection. Most troubling is the news that David Robertson has had a sore ribcage since May 11th, which is why we've seen Soriano closing recently. D-Rob will go for an MRI Tuesday morning. I'm really tired of having to type that.

Comment Of The Game: A tie between long time listener and jetanumba2 for viciously answering WhatwouldJeterdo's question about Phelps.