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Yankees News and Notes - I'mGivingYouACaseOfTheMondays

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"Yeah. It felt pretty good!"
"Yeah. It felt pretty good!"

The Yankees decided to ruin Mother's Day for all the mothers out there by losing 6-2 to the Seattle Mariners. At least they were efficient and kept the score of every game 6-2. That's all there is to that story. Wait, no. It was also the return of super YES Network promoted, fan favorite pitcher Andy Pettitte. Pettitte shamefully didn't pick anyone off, so I view his comeback start as a complete failure and think it's time for David Wells to come out of retirement. Anyone with me? Show of hands? Never mind my silliness because while Andy Pettitte did not get the win, his line hides the fact that he pitched an impressive game for a soon-to-be 40 yr old coming back to the mound after a year of retirement. It's good that he doesn't require the microscope treatment since he's Andy Pettitte.

It really does not seem like Russell "still has a better line than Albert Pujols" Martin has had his thoughts on swinging the bat with a purpose lately. On Mother's Day his thoughts are with his Mom. I guess that makes sense. This probably is a pretty touching story and will probably move the hearts of many Russ fans out there. I'm a bit more concerned that not only is he a glaring hole in the lineup right now but that my thoughts continue to stray towards playing Stewart more. When those are your only options, I think it's time to get a new catcher. If only. Touching story about your mom though. (Fine, it is. I'm still bitter over Gardner)

Mark Teixeira was recently diagnosed with severely inflamed bronchial airways and apparently the healing process has not been going well. I've been in the emergency room more times than I would care to count and I know that the words "severely" and the word "inflamed" do not go well together. There's no word yet on what the next step for Teixeira is but I'm sure we'll keep you updated on this as soon as news hits. Hits. I'd like Teixeira to start doing that again as well.

Breaking news in the latest installment of Pinstripe Alley's new segment "HISTORY! WITH AN AMPERSAND!" With his single yesterday, Derek Jeter has passed Tony Gwynn and has tied Robin Yount for 16th on the MLB all-time hit list. We'll be back with full coverage when the Captain makes history again.

Non-Yankee news after the jump...

Matt Kemp could not enjoy the Dodgers sweep of the Rockies this weekend as he was removed from the game in the third inning due to what appears to be an irritation of the left hamstring strain. He will have an MRI this morning to determine how serious the injury is. I'm hearing the phrase "he will have an MRI on _______" way too much this season.

Giancarlo Stanton and Joey Votto heroically provided walk-off grand slams to win the game for their respective teams yesterday. The last time this was done was in 1998. Mo Vaughn of the Red Sox and Steve Finley of the Padres were the dynamic walk-off grand slam duo fourteen years ago. What has changed in fourteen years? Mo Vaughn has somehow gotten fatter. I cannot name a single Padre who is capable of hitting a HR in Petco. Closers not named Rivera can still cause fans a lot of stress.

The weather does not look good in Baltimore today. Be prepared for another Monday Open Night Thread tonight.