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Yankees News and Notes: Pettitte and the LOOGY Gang

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Returning today!
Returning today!

Happy Mother's Day, Pinstripe Alley! Hope all is well as we await Andy Pettitte's return to the Bronx today as the New York Yankees take on the Seattle Mariners at 1:00.

  • Pettitte's ready to pitch in his first start since 2010 ALCS Game 3. Manager Joe Girardi says he's good to go for 100 pitches.
  • The Yankees added another lefty reliever yesterday, as they claimed Justin Thomas from the Red Sox. Thomas had been designated for assignment on Thursday after pitching to a 7.71 ERA in 4.2 innings. His career stat line is nothing impressive, but he's almost surely a move for mere bullpen depth with AAA Empire State. We shouldn't have to see too much of him unless he turns into Billy Wagner down there.
  • Another note in the previously linked article: David Phelps has indeed been sent back to the bullpen as Pettitte returns to the rotation. It's a tough call, as Phelps didn't really do anything to deserve a demotion, but True Yankees are True Yankees I suppose.
  • A letter to George Steinbrenner back in 2000 might have helped new closer David Robertson get a spot on the Yankees. Follow the interesting chain of events that began when Robertson was 15.
  • Brian Cashman is not pursuing an extension with anyone on the Yankees at the moment, nor is he looking for any bullpen arms on the market. Surprised? It's good that he's not looking for arms for the 'pen since relievers are almost always fragile, but I'm not sure I understand the Yankees' extension policy. Why change the policy for Russell freakin' Martin in the offseason but no one else?
  • Check out this YouTube video- "Don't Stop Relievin'"- a tribute to Mariano Rivera!
  • A nice gesture was made by the team yesterday as they honored Purple Heart recipient Megan Leavey and her dog Sergeant Rex, a German shepherd who sniffed out bombs in Iraq. Thank you.