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New York Yankees News: 5/11/12

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Bob is good at baseball.
Bob is good at baseball.

- Ivan Nova has given up a lot of home runs so far in 2012, and Matt Imbrogno at The Yankee Analysts shows that Nova has been a bit unlucky, but he has also been giving the batters too good of a pitch to hit in a hitter's count.

- Brett Gardner re-strained his elbow muscle, and will be shut down completely for ten days. This was the same muscle that he was on the DL for to begin with, and Joe Girardi said it could be as long as a month before we see Gardner on the field again. Sigh.

- Larry Koestler at RAB looks at the top ten pitchers who have the best ERA against the Yankees since 2009. Any guesses who tops the list? Most of the names are very predictable, but an unexpected and very hated man in Yankeeland comes in at #7. As if we didn't have enough reasons to dislike him already.

- After homering last night off David Price, Curtis Granderson now has 19 home runs off left-handed pitchers since the beginning of last season, the most by any lefty in the majors during that time. Very impressive for someone who was constantly hounded for his inability to hit left-handed pitching before his revolution with Kevin Long. K-Long is a wizard.

- Brian Cashman testified in the continuing Roger Clemens trial yesterday. Some of the questions, as well as some of Cashman's answers to them, were pretty silly. Grant Brisbee highlighted a few of them at Baseball Nation. The sooner this is all over, the better.