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Yankees Lineup Fails, Bombers Fall 7-1 to O's

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Two runs are about to score.
Two runs are about to score.

You can't fault Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, or A-Rod for tonight's loss (well, maybe A-Rod a little, but we'll get to that later), for they all had at least two hits while the rest the of the lineup went 0-21. You read that right, zero hits in 21 at-bats.

The Yanks' only run came on a monstrous shot off the upper deck facade in right field off Granderson's bat.

Baltimore's Brian Matusz won his first game since June of last year, hurling six innings of one-run ball. Phil Hughes pitched a bit better than his line (5.2 IP, 4 ER) would suggest. He struck out six, walked one, and allowed just four hits (unfortunately, two of those went over the outfield wall). He was removed after hitting Matt Wieters in the foot in the sixth inning with a pitch count of 100. Boone Logan "relieved" him and allowed consecutive singles before a fliner that should've been the third out. Infielder Eduardo Nunez misplayed the ball in left field, leading to two runs and a 6-1 Orioles lead. That was pretty much all she wrote.

A-Rod had a chance in the seventh to bring the Yanks back, but popped out on the first pitch he saw with the bases full and two outs. He did, however, reach on a bunt in the sixth; it wasn't a particularly good one, but it took the defense by such surprise that they didn't have a shot throwing him out.

Going back to Hughes, he showed his best velocity of the year, averaging 93 MPH (with a few 95s in there), and sat 92-93 in his last frame. He also flashed his best curve of the young season, getting six swings and misses. Is that disconcerting though, that he could feature probably his best "stuff" of the year and still struggle to keep runs off the board? Anyway, it's hopefully a step in the right direction.

The absence of Brett Gardner reared its head again during Nunez's error. GGBG could return Thursday.

Adam Jones' trap in the seventh, mistakenly ruled a catch, certainly didn't help matters, as it would've ensured Robbie Cano an AB with the bases loaded.

D.J. Mitchell made his ML debut and looked solid. He struck out a batter and allowed two hits in an inning of work.

Play of the Game: J.J. Hardy's two-run homer off Hughes in the in the third that broke a 1-1 tie (-18%).

Comment of the Game: mikefromnbny