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Plea To The Yankees: Promote Dewayne Wise, Please!

Ibanez can't even jump right!
Ibanez can't even jump right!

Dewayne Wise, a journeyman lefty hitting outfielder currently in AAA for the Yankees, has been crushing the ball. Meanwhile, Brett Gardner is on the DL, Nick Swisher is day to day (or out longer) and the Yankees have relied on the likes of Andruw Jones, Raul Ibanez, and Eduardo Nunez to patrol the outfield.

I have no problem with one of Nunez or Jones playing the field, but two of the three, including Raul Ibanez as nightly members of the outfield for the next ~3 games? Simply does not make sense.

While it is of course against inferior pitching, Wise has hit the ball much better than Raul Ibanez. Wise is hitting .369/.343/.662 compared to Ibanez' .241/.297/.448. Ibanez was signed to hit right handed pitching, and he only boasts a .293 OBP against righties. Wise? .386 OBP against righties.

In no way do I mean to say Wise will be a tremendous improvement over Ibanez, but he won't be much worse. Not only is he swinging a hot bat to start the season, but Wise also is faster, and a much better defensive outfielder. The Yankees should not have Ibanez in the field at all, and even if Wise doesn't hit he provides an actual fielder.

Honestly, my heart can't take much more of Raul Ibanez in the outfield, and if Ibanez isn't bringing anything to the plate, what purpose does he serve to this team?

Call up Dewayne Wise, please, Yankees! It's the best for everyone's health and the Yankees success!