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Yankees 6, Orioles 2: Nova is Stellar in Yankees First Season Win

"Don't worry. I got this!" -Ivan Nova tells Joe Girardi and the Yankees
"Don't worry. I got this!" -Ivan Nova tells Joe Girardi and the Yankees

The Yankees achieved their first regular season victory tonight as they thwarted the undefeated Orioles and defeated them 6-2.

The story of this game is Ivan Nova, who pitched very well tonight in his regular season debut against the O's. Nova went seven innings, allowed ten hits, but only two runs and no walks. Nova's control was on point tonight as he skillfully mixed and matched pitches, pounded the strike zone, and painted the corners like an artist on pay day. After claiming that the last Spring Training game was one of the "worst days of his life," hopefully this start is a sign of good things to come for him throughout the course of the season.

The offense definitely helped out Nova tonight as they manage to score six runs for the promising young starter. Derek Jeter went 4 for 4 tonight and Andruw Jones contributed with a dinger tonight. The Yankees made Orioles starter Brian Matusz pitch tonight, as he was pulled only after four innings of work, giving up six hits and four earned runs. Teixeira, Martin, Nunez, and Gardner also contributed some RBI's for the Yankees as well. For those who are concerned about the offense, I'd just like to note that in three out of the four games played this season, the Yankees have scored six runs each game. I personally like those numbers.

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David Robertson came out to pitch in the 8th on his birthday and in standard Houdini fashion, managed to get in and out of trouble. Mariano Rivera then came in for the 9th in a non-save situation and finished the Orioles off. Happy Birthday, D-Rob.

Eduardo Nunez both made Yankees fans jeer and cheer as he made another potential error, not scored as such, but then later in the game made an incredible diving catch. I'm sure the story of Nunez's defense will be further discussed as time progresses.

In an odd note, for some reason the usually smiling Robert Andino was angry with the Yankees after the win tonight. More on that "story" as it develops. Or not. I'm sure it's not really that important.

Comment of the Game: long time listener who explains the Orioles commercials to jetanumba2

Game Highlights (for those who missed the game today):

-Teixeira's RBI Single

-Jones HR

-Nunez's Leaping Catch

-Jeter's RBI Double