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PSA Podcast Episode 7 - The Regular Season Begins

Welcome to the 7th Episode of the Pinstripe Alley Podcast. It's the regular season and we're working on getting the PSAP back up and running again. New things will be in store shortly for the podcast, which I will get into at a later date. These changes will help us get the iTunes and RSS feed back up again real soon, so that you can take Duggan, Waffles, and my voice with you while you're out and about.

Since it's the regular season, we have quite a bit of things to discuss from this weekend's series. Also, in addition to our choice for Yankees & Mitre of the Week, we want to hear your choices as well. Please post your choice for Yankees & Mitre of the Week in the comments section, and we are hoping to keep track of them throughout the entire regular season.

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