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Yankees News & Notes - I'mGivingYouACaseOfTheMondays

"Yeah, I'm thinking another 51 games with Ibanez in the outfield." -Girardi told reporters, several of whom dropped their recorders in shock and disgust, after yesterday's loss to the Rays.
"Yeah, I'm thinking another 51 games with Ibanez in the outfield." -Girardi told reporters, several of whom dropped their recorders in shock and disgust, after yesterday's loss to the Rays.

No really, after getting swept by the Rays in our opening series, I probably really am giving you a case of the Mondays. So yeah, even though the Yankees are currently sitting at the bottom of the AL East, I think it's time to put this weekend behind us and focus on the rest of the week of good ol' Yankees Baseball. However before we get to that, lets start the week off right with a tall glass of No Pulp Orange Juice, a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (the greatest cereal on Earth) and of course the all important Yankees News & Notes.

The Pinstripe Press

The main news, of course, is that this weekend the Yankees were swept by the Rays and have started the season 0-3. What you might not have known was that yesterday was Hellickson's birthday. Happy Birthday, I guess. I would've preferred cake to a 3-hit shutout. You've probably also seen many tweets and posts in articles trying to calm Yankees fans down and remind them that the last time they started 0-3 was in 1998. We all know how that year turned out. While I think it's always good to try and calm the more irrational fans down, 1998 was a year that will be insanely hard for any team to repeat, so please do not get all your hopes up for that kind of year.

Justin Maxwell was claimed by the Houston Astros yesterday. Maxwell had a pretty impressive Spring Training with the Yankees, but the Yankees had no room for him on the roster so he was DFA'd. After realizing how little depth we have in the outfield right now, a part of me still wishes the Yankees had room for him on the team. I wish Maxwell the best of luck on the Astros.

LoHud had a very nice article on David Phelps, who made his major league debut against the Rays yesterday. Phelps was very impressive yesterday after essentially being thrown into the fire. Apparently his parents, his wife, his brother, and his newborn daughter were all in the stands to watch his performance, which is always nice to hear. Great job, Phelps, and congrats on being a father. Please keep up the good work. Of course I meant with pitching and not making babi...ahem, moving right along.

Non-Yankees news after the jump...

The Away Teams

Baseball Insider and rejected Batman villain Jon Heyman reported that Miami Marlins manager and probable Batman villain Ozzie Guillen is in trouble with Miami residents after using the words "love" and "respect" when describing Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. I doubt anything will be made of this, however it really wasn't the smartest thing to say when you're trying to get Miami residents to actual come to your games. Personally, I find this less offensive than Marlins Park as a whole, but that's me.

Finally, perhaps to further ease Yankees fans pain after being swept, some other interesting series around MLB this weekend include the Tigers sweeping the Red Sox, the Mets sweeping the Braves, the Orioles sweeping the Twins, the Diamondbacks sweeping the Giants, the Royals taking 2 out of 3 from the Angels, and the Pirates taking 2 out of 3 from the Phillies. Things like this are what make the start of baseball so incredibly fun for all fans. Hope is alive in fans of all teams, and that's what baseball is all about at this part of the season.

Coming up next at 11AM, another Psychological Fan Study. Later, the latest installment of the always zany Pinstripe Alley Podcast. Then at 7PM, the Yankees will face off against the undefeated Baltimore Orioles. Finally tonight on Pinstripe Alley, a new episode of Travis Says The Quirkiest Things, followed by an episode of Seinfeld.