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New York Yankees News: Pettitte to Pitch Tomorrow?, Extensions Galore & Injuries

The surprise No. 2 starter.
The surprise No. 2 starter.

Hiroki Kuroda said that "any Spring Training without an injury is a good [one]." It sure is, as Michael Pineda can attest to.

  • Andy Pettitte might pitch against the Mets tomorrow. If not, he'll pitch in a minor league game on Thursday.
  • 1B Joey Votto agreed to a monster extension with the Cincinnati Reds: $225M over 10 years. It'll keep him in Cincy until the age of 40.
  • RHP Matt Cain also signed an extension, for at least $128M over six seasons (and possibly up to $141M over seven). The only great pitchers left to hit free agency are Cole Hamels and Zack Greinke. This is another reason why they (the Yankees) need to go hard after the truly elite free agents (like Hamels): they're becoming fewer and farther between.
  • Boston's closer-to-be, Andrew Bailey, may need surgery on his injured right thumb. It's uncertain how much time he would miss.
  • Jesus Montero was hit in the head by a breaking ball in an exhibition affair against Colorado. He said he's feeling fine though, and that "everything's good."
  • Robinson Cano will surpass Tony Lazzeri's record for homers by a Yankees second baseman this year. He only needs nine to do so.
  • Newsday conducted a Q&A with Mark Teixeira. It's definitely worth checking out.
  • Brian Cashman's stalker is in even more trouble.
  • The New Republic says baseball is America's best - and least exploitative - sport.
  • Come back at 2 p.m. for the Yanks second to last Spring Training game (against the Mets).