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Yankees News and Notes: Run, Don't Walk Off

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It wasn't your typical walk-off victory. In fact, it was really a run-off. Whatever you call it, the Yankees notched their seventh come-from-behind win by scoring a run in the bottom of the ninth on a passed ball by Alex Avila. Although the Yankees were more than happy to celebrate their good fortune, no one brought pie to the party.

There may not have been pie after the game, but two Yankees' defenders had plenty on their face during it. In the sixth inning, Robinson Cano's botched tag helped ignite a three-run sixth inning by the Tigers, but the bigger concern stemmed from the continued poor play of Raul Ibanez, who allowed another ball to get past him in the outfield. With Brett Gardner on the DL, the Yankees options are limited, but can they afford to keep playing subpar defenders in the field?

Ivan Nova wasn't helped by his defense, nor was he enamored with the strike zone of the ever conspicuous Joe West. Whatever the reason, the right hander didn't have one of his better games. In fact, over the first 19 games, the entire Yankees' rotation hasn't exactly acquitted itself well. Over that span, the team's starters have had only five quality starts, which, along with 2005 and 2007, is the lowest total in franchise history.

One area in which the Yankees have excelled is the bullpen. And, if Joba Chamberlain is to be believed, that group could be bolstered by his return. Before the game, Chamberlain made an appearance at the Stadium for the first time this season and expressed optimism about returning to the mound before the end of the year.

Just hours after another crushing walk-off defeat, the Angels designated Bobby Abreu for assignment. Might the Yankees be interested in his services? Before the season, Brian Cashman came close to acquiring Abreu, but the deal was scuttled by A.J. Burnett's no-trade clause. However, with Raul Ibanez on the team, the Yankees probably don't have room for another lefty DH who is a liability in the field.

Still reeling from the disappointing news about Michael Pineda's torn labrum, Brian Cashman has continued to unburden himself about the trade. Although Pineda's prognosis is hard to figure at this time, the Yankees may have to consider altering their future spending plans to compensate for the injury.