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New York Yankees News: 4/27/12

To the pen? Sigh.
To the pen? Sigh.

- After struggling and failing to make it out of the 3rd inning in Texas on Wednesday, Joe Girardi continued to defend Phil Hughes as a starting pitcher. Joe Pawlikowski at RAB suggests that Girardi's quick hook may suggest that the manager is losing a bit of faith in Hughes, and that a change could be coming if things continue as they have been. Mike Axisa had this to say after the outing in Arlington:

I spent the last three or four years defending Phil Hughes the starting pitcher in this space, but I’m done with it. End the charade and put him in the bullpen already. If the Yankees had given Joba Chamberlain half the leash they’ve given Hughes, they might actually have a young, quality starting pitcher on their hands. But no, his stuff played up in the bullpen. Apparently that logic doesn’t apply to Phil.

I can't disagree with any of that at this point. Maybe it's time.

- Brian Cashman is willing to deal with the fact that many fans are angry and disappointed at him for trading Jesus Montero for a pitcher who will miss the entire 2012 season. "I'm doing a job and that job involves making very difficult decisions. You hope that those decisions work out", Cashman said. Fans will likely continue to blame Cashman and continue to speculate about damaged goods, but the truth is that acquiring pitchers is a risky business and nothing suggested Pineda was injured at the time of the trade.

- In news that we are all well aware of, EJ Fagan at The Yankee Analysts discusses a concerning trend with the Yankees and pitchers. There have been some successes, sure, but the rate of positive to negative results is kind of terrible. Is it something the Yankees are actively doing wrong, or just a terrible coincidence?

- While Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances have stumbled to start the minor league season, D.J. Mitchell is pitching very well for the Empire State Yankees. Opponents are batting .165 off the right hander, and he leads the team with 21 strikeouts. Chad Jennings also talks about how Dante Bichette Jr. and Cito Culver are off to rough starts, while Mason Williams and Tyler Austin continue to impress at Low-A Charleston.