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Performers of the Week: Week 3

Granderson's three-homer game nets him my vote for performer of the week.
Granderson's three-homer game nets him my vote for performer of the week.

The Yankees have gone 4-2 since the last time we checked in on the performers of the week. As a team, they hit .302/.362/.557, good for a wOBA of .393 and a 147 wRC+. This includes getting shut out by Yu Darvish and last night's three run showing, so that should tell you how good the offense was during the first four games.

As always, keep in mind that we are dealing with small samples. This is just to give us an an idea of who has been playing well over the last seven days.


Curtis Granderson: Granderson's three-homer game helps him reach the top of this list, narrowly edging out Jeter, as he hit .364/.481/.773, good for a .499 wOBA and a 220 wRC+.

Derek Jeter: For the first time this season, Jeter was not the best hitter on the team. However, he still hit .481/.517/.556, good for a .479 wOBA and a 206 wRC+. I'd still like to see Jeter take some more walks, but I can't argue with his process right now.

Nick Swisher: You think Swish is looking to cash in? He hit two homers this week and chipped in with a .292/.333/.667 line, good for a .412 wOBA and a 161 wRC+.

Mark Teixeira: Last week, I asked Teixeira to start showing more power. He did just that, belting three homers, but he also stopped walking. He hit .269/.269/.654, good for a .392 wOBA and a 147 wRC+.

Honorable Mentions: Alex Rodriguez (two homers, 122 wRC+) and Raul Ibanez (one homer, 121 wRC+).

Not-So Honorable Mentions: Robinson Cano (.294 wOBA, 80 wRC+) and Andruw Jones (.086 wOBA, -62 wRC+; not a typo).


CC Sabathia: He gave up four runs in eight innings against Texas, but pitched pretty well, sporting a 2.90 FIP and a 2.13 xFIP. Sabathia's HR/FB% is about double his career number right now, so hopefully that will regress sooner rather than later and we will begin to see CC give up less runs.

Ivan Nova: A pitching triple slash (ERA/FIP/xFIP) of 3.00/3.90/3.32 this week. He had a 7.5 K/9 and didn't walk a batter as he continued to show stellar command, but he's suffering from the long ball as well. His HR/FB% is currently sitting at 19%. During his rookie campaign, his HR/FB% sat at 8.4%, and since he is a groundball pitcher, we should see that regress soon.

David Robertson: Robertson gets the nod here despite only throwing two innings, as he posted a negative FIP, -0.10 on the week. He still hasn't allowed a run this season, and has a 0.90 FIP on the year due to his newfound control: he's only walking 2.25 batters per nine innings so far despite keeping his high strikeout totals in tact.

Honorable Mentions: Rafael Soriano (3 IP, no runs, 0.24 FIP) and Mariano Rivera (3 IP, no runs, 1.57 FIP).

Not-So Honorable Mentions: David Phelps (8.53 ERA, 10.48 FIP) and Phil Hughes (6.75 ERA, 6.15 FIP).

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