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Assorted Thoughts About The New York Yankees

I couldn't not use this picture.
I couldn't not use this picture.

Sorry for the lack of content today, a bit of a scheduling mishap! I've had a ton of thoughts about the Yankees swirling through my head, so rather than separating them I'll get them all out here.

-I'm not worried about Hiroki Kuroda as of now. Last night he seemed to nitpick less and find some success through that change. While Kuroda is 1-3, the Yankees have not exactly given him great offense.

-Jon Morosi penned this piece for Fox Sports about the Michael Pineda, Jose Campos for Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi trade. Morosi declares that the Seattle Mariners are "winning in Pineda for Montero deal." Well, first of all, calling it the Pineda for Montero deal is simply wrong. Campos is as important of a piece as Pineda, yet Morosi focuses completely on Pineda and Montero. Poorly written piece, which is not exactly a surprise from Mr. Detroit Tiger.

-Robinson Cano still has one home run on the season, but I'm not worried at all. Cano is third on the team in extra base hits with nine, behind only Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher, who each have ten. Cano has double the amount of walks compared to strikeouts, and has grounded into more double plays (5) than times he has struck out. (4)

-I will almost certainly be at Saturday's game vs. the Detroit Tigers to see David Phelps Freddy Garcia face one of the best lineups in baseball. Oh joy!

-Rafael Soriano has pitched in six innings this season, which makes me wonder why the Yankees really need Cody Eppley on the roster? The Yankees would benefit from another outfielder much more than an extra relief pitcher at this point.

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-Everyone's favorite switch pitcher, Pat Venditte, is 1-1 with a 4.00 ERA this season. Venditte has struck out seven and walked five, and batters are hitting .250 against him.

-Meanwhile, Kevin Whelan is off to a solid start to the season, as is Manny Delcarmen. The Yankees certainly have relief depth in the minors, so losing Cody Eppley to waivers wouldn't be that bad.

-Francisco Cervelli is hitting .146/.196/.188 in AAA so far this season. Ouch.

-Heading back to the outfield, both Jack Cust and Dewayne Wise have played well enough to merit at least consideration for call-ups. Sadly, neither is on the 40-man roster, so the Yankees are a bit reluctant to promote either. Cust is hitting .306/.403/.435, while Wise is hitting .400/.438/.756.

-Finally, I know I personally yell at Joe Girardi a lot, but the guy knows how to manage a bullpen. The Yankees bullpen ERA is among the best in the league once again, and that's not only because of the great talent Girardi has, but also how he manages the great talent.