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Yankees 7, Rangers 4: The Yankees Offense is Pretty Good As Well

"I'm unstoppable!" -Derek Jeter responding to his incredible start to the season
"I'm unstoppable!" -Derek Jeter responding to his incredible start to the season

The Yankees, behind the pitching of CC Sabathia and their own potent offense, defeated the Texas Rangers tonight 7-4 for their fourth win in a row.

The Rangers offense is one of the best in the league, if not the best currently. However the Yankees showed that their offense is no pushover either. Derek Jeter continued his incredible start to the season with a 4 for 5 night including some singles, a double, and an RBI. Alex Rodriguez joined in on the fun and hit a three run dinger to left-center field, his 3rd HR of the year. Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher contributed some RBI's as well. Even Chris Stewart got a hit. Does he have more hits than Russell Martin at this point?

In the realm of pitching, CC Sabathia put in a long and strong performance tonight against the Rangers. He pitched eight innings, striking out eight, walking only one, and allowing seven hits and four earned runs. After his last two starts, I hope the worries about CC start to slowly dissipate. Mariano Rivera came in to pitch the 9th inning and was pretty much Mo. You know, the one-two-three inning save thing we've seen countless years now. With the rainout on Sunday and the eight inning performance by CC, the bullpen is well rested for Kuroda and Hughes' upcoming starts.

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-Derek Holland went six innings tonight, giving up seven earned runs, nine hits, walking four and striking out one. Josh Hamilton is still a very dangerous batter to pitch to, as he contributed to his dinger total on the year which is currently at eight. Chris Gentry also added two RBI's to the Rangers total. Despite the win, I can see why the Rangers have done what they've done so far. The day off yesterday for the Yankees, considering the travel, probably really helped.

-Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez both made a little history tonight, Alex Rodriguez, with his home run tonight, tied IGYAR favorite former Yankee Bernie William for 6th on the All Time Yankees HR list. Meanwhile Jeter, with his RBI tonight, tied for 9th on the All Time Yankees RBI list.

-Michael Pineda will go for his MRI tomorrow.

Comment of the Game: long time listener, asking the questions about Mayor McCheese that the mainstream media just doesn't ask. This also reminded me of this.

Game Highlights:

-Swisher's Sac Fly

-Granderson's 2-RBI Single

-A-Rod's 3-Run Dinger

-Admiral Jeter's RBI