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PSA Podcast Episode 9 - Coming To You LIVE! (At 8:30PM)

Greeting and welcome to the 9th Episode of the Pinstripe Alley Podcast, but more importantly the first ever Live Edition of the PSAP. Since there is no Yankees game tonight, Waffles, Duggan, and I have decided to keep you entertained for part of the evening while we record our 9th episode. Obviously we'll have our usual topics and our Yankee & Mitre of the Week, but during the podcast feel free to comment in the thread and ask questions, yell out insults, demand shoutouts, or anything of that silly nature. Above everything else, we have a lot of fun recording these silly podcasts so we hope that you can have some fun along with us. If anything else, it means no 2AM finish time for us tonight.

The broadcast will officially begin at 8:30PM. I have embed a Ustream player after the jump, as well as provided the link.

Video streaming by Ustream

Official Ustream PSAP Page