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Yankees News and Notes: Sunday Sweep Edition?

A bit unflattering.
A bit unflattering.

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley. The Yankees are hoping to finish a Fenway sweep today when they take on Red Sox tonight. Here's what's going on around the Yankees Universe:

  • Mike Newman of FanGraphs finally got to see Gary Sanchez play a game for Charleston after a few missed opportunities. Much like Jesus Montero, Newman felt that Sanchez's ability to stick at the plate will be decided from the quality of his offense.He did feel that Sanchez was slightly more polished defensively than Montero was at this point, though.
  • Also from FanGraphs, Jack Moore wrote about how much Curtis Granderson loves right field at Yankee Stadium. He does... and we do too.
  • Joel Sherman seems quite certain that Nick Swisher will not be returning to the Yankees after this season. He might be right, but that is still a bold statement to make. I think this is one of those things that we'll have no idea about until the off-season.
  • Michael Pineda was not expected back until the end of May at the earliest, but now it is totally unclear when we'll see Pineda don the pinstripes. That being said, Baseball Prospectus writer Jay Jaffe has some wise words for anyone who's trying to judge this trade already. It's April of his first season.
  • Bobby Valentine hopes last night was rock bottom for the Red Sox. We don't.
  • Have $18 million? Derek Jeter's selling his New York penthouse in the Trump Tower! He lowered the price from $20 million so save, save, save!