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Today's Win Expectancy Graph

via fangraphs
via fangraphs

How amazing were the seventh and eighth innings of this afternoon's game? The fact that it happened against the Red Sox just made it that much sweeter.

The Red Sox's win expectancy was as high as 99.7% after Alex Rodriguez struck out in the sixth inning. Mark Teixeira's home run following that strike out was worth just 0.3%, as it brought the score from 9-0 to 9-1.

During the Fox broadcast, Joe Girardi said that no lead was safe in Fenway Park, especially with the Green Monster out there in left field. After watching today's game, and knowing what the Yankees can do on offense, no lead is safe for any opposing team.

In a matter of just four offensive outs, the Yankees swung the win expectancy graph from 99.6% in the Red Sox's favor to 98.9% in their own.

The first five innings of today's game proved how frustrating this team can be to watch, but the last four proved how fun it can be as well.